A good methodology requires a well thought out design, strong adherence to best practices, ethics and standards, and a willingness to constantly improve or adapt the process to an ever-changing environment.

Data collection for the ESQY Awards is performed in August and September by ShapardResearch, Oklahoma’s premier market research firm.  Responses are collected online using several scientific online panels from well-established panel providers.

Several thousand responses are collected from randomly selected Oklahoma consumers who had recently visited a given business in a select industry and had an opportunity to form an opinion of their visit.  Again, consumers could only rate those that they have recently or currently doing business with. Several metrics are tested for each industry such as length of wait, accuracy of order or service, and professionalism of the business’s staff or personnel. All metrics can be viewed in the industry ranking tab.

Businesses are chosen by respondents unaided, meaning the consumer had to supply the name of the business they were rating. Analysis is performed on businesses which have a sample large enough to provide results within margin of error under 5%, therefore, while many Oklahoma businesses were selected by participants, data presented on ESQY only represents a portion of all responses.

Winners from each industry had the highest aggregated score in accuracy, professionalism, promptness, knowledgeable employees, overall satisfaction, and quality of food or service for those industries applicable. Metrics of “Were you addressed by name” and “Were you thanked for your business” do not factor into the overall score. These metrics serve only for businesses to gauge how well they are doing in these areas that have a great impact on the other attributes tested.

Recognized research standards were followed in order to minimize all types of research bias and errors.

The above methodology meets the disclosure standard as prescribed by the Marketing Research Association (MRA).