About the Award

“You can’t manage what you do not measure.”

ESQY (Excellence in Service Quality Awards) is a project of ShapardResearch to recognize Oklahoma based businesses for going above in beyond for their customers. Businesses eligible for the awards must be headquartered in the state of Oklahoma and operate a business in either Oklahoma City, Tulsa or the state at large. Banks, for example, that operate in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City are eligible for the award in both markets. Indian casinos that compete statewide for guests are evaluated at the state level only.

The study is administered online to a random selection of Oklahoma consumers among the general population over the age of 17 years old. Only participants who currently do business with a particular business are asked to evaluate the business on a variety of important service attributes. Click on “Methodology” on the menu above for a complete description.

Two awards are given in each industry with the exception of Oklahoma casinos which are evaluated on a statewide basis. One award given to a Tulsa Metro area business and the other to an Oklahoma City business. A minimum sample threshold is required in order to be eligible for an award, although all businesses are evaluated in a given industry, meaning some businesses not listed were evaluated but the sample collected was not sufficient in order to include them in the final results.

The goal of the ESQY Award is to provide Oklahoma based businesses with insights into how their service performance measures up against their competition within their own market area, and provide consumers with an evaluation comparison of those businesses with which they may do or want to do business with in the future.

For more information on how the awards are determined, visit the methodology page.